Christine Quinn Is Losing Her Teeth

Robert Jackson doesn’t fear Christine Quinn.

In what may be a sign of things to come, Councilman Jackson is pushing a commercial rent control bill that Speaker Quinn has aggressively tried to keep from coming to the Council floor, and he’s filed a rarely used motion to bring the bill up for a vote–a direct affront to the speaker’s authority, writes Eliot Brown.

It’s unclear whether Mr. Jackson has the votes to carry the motion, or pass the bill–he had 30 co-sponsors but the number has declined under intense lobbying from the real estate industry–but the fact that he’s even trying would seem to signal the speaker’s compromised position. It’s hard to imagine such an aggressive move at this time last year, or even a few months ago, before Ms. Quinn’s lackluster primary, and the poor showing by the mayor, with whom she’s closely aligned herself.

But unless the new minority majority can successfully elect a new speaker, Ms. Quinn will remain speaker. That means she’ll have control of Mr. Jackson’s committee assignments come January, making the move a rather risky gamble. Christine Quinn Is Losing Her Teeth