Committee Approves Sean Bell Street Renaming

The resolution to re-name a street in Queens after police-shooting victim Sean Bell passed the Parks and Recreation committee of the City Concil just now, four to one.

Voting in favor of it was Helen Foster of the Bronx , Alan Gerson of Manhattan, Letitia James of Brooklyn and Helen Sears of Queens.

Liz Crowley of Queens abstained [corrected]. The issue now goes before the full City Council where things may get interesting.

UPDATE: Vinny Ignizio, a Republican from Staten Island, said he opposes the renaming of a street in Queens after Sean Bell.

In a text message, Ignizio said, “I asked for my name to off as a sponsor – they go on [the bill] automatically when you have a name in your district – and I’m voting no.”


Committee Approves Sean Bell Street Renaming