Create your own book within minutes

Who says getting a book published is hard? Thanks to the Web site Blurb, it isn’t. The site’s free bookmaking software is user-friendly enough to allow anyone to become an author (and we mean anyone: we know of one 4-year-old who used the site recently to pen a book inspired by a trip to the beach).

The San Francisco–based start-up, made up of self-described “software people, designers, and publishing professionals at the top of our game,” has made it incredibly easy to navigate the site, with professionally designed book templates and helpful hints to guide you along the way. Choose the size of your book and the look of its pages, and decide on soft- or hardcover—and be sure to look at other people’s creations for inspiration. It may be too late to complete one before December 25th, but who’s to say you can’t give out New Year’s presents instead?

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