Cranky Eminence Plus Lame Duck Equals Hilarity

Robert Morgenthau is taking advantage of his twilight to take shots at Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

In a weekend profile in the Journal–which is dressed up kind of like an episode of Law and Order, in case you weren’t otherwise interested–the outgoing district attorney explains why the mayor might have been surprised that the D.A. was investigating the Deutsche Bank fire.

Because, says Mr. Morgenthau, Mr. Bloomberg “thinks all lawyers work for him” and “doesn’t want anybody around who doesn’t kiss his ring, or other parts of his body.”

And he suggests the mayor gets a little defensive about all those tax dollars sitting offshore.

“I’ve talked to him three times about it and each time the conversation is almost identical. I tell him how much money is offshore and in the underground economy and he always says, ‘I’m paying my taxes.’ And I always say, ‘Mike, no one is suggesting you don’t, but there are a lot of other people who don’t.’ And then he says, ‘I’m glad I’m not a lawyer.'”

The 90-year old district attorney doesn’t have much to lose since he’ll be otherwise employed next week. And the mayor, who is already trying to maintain his authority in his third term, doesn’t gain much by firing back.

But Mr. Morgenthau doesn’t entirely single out the mayor.

On the softness of sanctions against Iran, Mr. Morgenthau says: “The president is smoking pot or something if he thinks that being nice to these guys is going to get him anywhere.” 

Cranky Eminence Plus Lame Duck Equals Hilarity