Crime Waves: ‘How Could an Umbrella Kill a Cat?’

Today the Daily News speaks with a man accused of beating to death a cat.

Lordtyshon Garrett, whose name involves a complicated array of consonants, is maintaining his innocence with a complicated array of explanations. Examples:

—Garrett loved cat, permitted her to eat off his plate: “I love animals.”

—Supposed weapon is implausible: “Anyway, how could an umbrella kill a cat?”

—Garrett absent at time of cat beating: “I wasn’t even there that day…. I was delivering milk between 7 (a.m.) and 3 (p.m.). Everybody was pointing their fingers at me.”

—Home health worker behaved in suspicious fashion, is perhaps to blame: “If she saw it why wouldn’t she take him to the vet?” demands Garrett’s wife. “All I know is the cat was acting funny so I brought him to the vet. There wasn’t blood.”

—Cat crime garners disproportionate media attention: Far more than the murder of Garrett’s brother in a street robbery, for instance.

—Cat did not deserve to die: “If you knew her, she would let you pet her and stuff.”

Garrett remains confident that “at the end of the day, people will see.”

Yet the road to justice is not always quick or easy, as recently acquitted killer Michael Ikoli can attest. Arrested on murder charges in 2004, he spent five years on Rikers Island awaiting a trial. The Daily News attributes his case to a bureaucratic backlog in the Bronx court system, and his release to their October exposé.

Meanwhile, the Post reports that  feds have busted 26 health care providers accused of scamming Medicare. Several of the scammers were based in Brooklyn. For example:

Park Levy, 47, and his 87-year-old mom, Lorraine, who run Americare In Home, would allegedly charge Medicare $150 to $246 for special heat-molded shoe inserts for elderly diabetics.

But they substituted $20 off-the-shelf soles, costing Medicare about $2,000, the feds said.

And the city did not respond receptively to the complaints of Williamsburg squatter who called about problems with “his” heat. The Post reports that he has been kicked out of “his” apartment and charged with burglary, trespassing and resisting arrest.

Crime Waves: ‘How Could an Umbrella Kill a Cat?’