Crime Waves: ‘In Furtherance of Justice’

The weapon situation in last week’s Upper West Side triple murder has become more complicated. Ballistics tests determined that the Beretta found in the victims’ apartment was not the murder weapon, and a second Beretta was found outside. While the second gun appears to be the murder weapon, it’s unclear how it ended up stuffed between two bags of trash. The apparent killer, Hector Quinones, fell out a window to his death and was in no condition to be hiding guns. Did someone else hide it, “either to disrupt the police investigation or in hopes of returning later to retrieve it?” The Times wonders. The Daily News says that “investigators are not certain if someone tried to hide the weapon for Quinones or planned to steal the gun before deciding to ditch it in the trash can.”

Less space in these articles is devoted to Quinones’ wily pants, although The Times  does note that they seem to have indeed been responsible for his death: autopsy reports show that he had no bullet wounds. He died from injuries sustained in the fall, which was caused apparently by the pants.

In other developing stories, we continue to learn more about former police commissioner Bernard Kerik’s damning experiences with electronic communications—now, though, instead of just watching him show off his hot new bod on Facebook, we can read the email that scrapped his appointment as Homeland Security Director. The Post reports that the message details shady dealings with government contractors.

And elderly Astor-fleecer Anthony Marshall will be sentenced today, along with co-defendent Francis Morrissey. Marshall faces a minimum sentence of one year and up to 25. His lawyers, however, say that prison would be too much for the frail Marshall, and are asking the court to dismiss the mandatory charge “in furtherance of justice.” They support this claim with letters from Al Roker amd Whoopi Goldberg, writes the Daily News. The Post says that the defense will ask for an electronic monitoring system instead. Crime Waves: ‘In Furtherance of Justice’