Did Anybody Leave $15 Million Lying Around?

Is there anyone in city government who doesn’t keep a little extra money squirreled away on the side?

The Times puts the mayor’s “chickenshit” pursuit of Robert Morgenthau’s “hidden” bank account in perspective this morning: Apparently there are 2,700 unauthorized city accounts around town, worth more than $122 million dollars. The most cryptic and intriguing is the unnamed account with $15 million dollars. (Perhaps Jay Walder can figure out a way to slap the M.T.A.’s name on there?)

The district attorney raises the obvious question: “If everybody else has it, why are they picking on the D.A.?” he wondered to the Times. “I felt the whole business was much ado about nothing.” Which is a much more diplomatic way of reiterating what Mr. Morgenthau initially said about the mayor’s comments: “chickenshit.”

The bad blood between the two men boiled over after the mayor followed through on a threat to expose the accounts if Mr. Morgenthau didn’t help the city get more money from that $536 million dollar Credit Suisse settlement.

The mayor’s office said that it made the threats because Mr. Morgenthau was refusing to disclose any additional information.

Did Anybody Leave $15 Million Lying Around?