Dilan Concerned That M.T.A. Didn’t Tell Him Sooner

ALBANY—State Senator Martin Malave Dilan, the chairman of that body’s transportation committee, is angry that the M.T.A. didn’t say anything about its sudden $343 million deficit sooner.

“It is an affront to our burgeoning partnership, often discussed in previous months, to exclude us from this critical information,” Dilan wrote in a letter (below) to M.T.A. CEO Jay Walder. “It appears, even under new leadership, that business will continue as usual with Gary Dellaverson assuming the addition role of press secretary for the MTA. Instead of a cooperative exchange of thoughts and information, we may be left with an adversarial relationship played out in the press. While this may be good for newspaper revenues, it will not be good for the State of New York.”

The transportation authority’s finance committee is expected to unveil a plan Monday that the full board could act on Wednesday.

Gene Russianoff of the Straphangers’ Campaign, a rider advocacy group, said he hopes the authority will use stimulus funding to bridge the gap and not cut service.

“If they make cuts, one of the victims is the M.T.A. itself because they’re going to shred their credibility,” he said.

Russianoff was part of a coalition that worked with the M.T.A. to enact a balanced rescue package over the spring. Given the political posturing of some in Albany, we may be heading for a reprise of that fight.

Dilan Letter Dilan Concerned That M.T.A. Didn’t Tell Him Sooner