Dromm: Monserrate Gets a Vote on Marriage

Incoming City Councilman Danny Dromm pointed out the irony that Hiram Monserrate, despite his recent legal trouble, was able to vote against the same-sex marriage bill.

Dromm, whose Jackson Heights district overlaps with Monserrate’s, told me: “Here’s a guy who was found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend, yet he takes a vote on whether two loving people have the right to marry?”

Dromm, who is openly gay, has already endorsed Monserrate’s opponent, Jose Peralta, in next year’s race. Dromm criticized the three other Democratic senators from Queens who voted against the marriage bill: Joe Addabbo, Shirley Huntley and George Onorato.

“We’re upset with Addabbo too. We worked very hard on Addabbo’s campaign and he didn’t come through for us,” said Dromm. “In my opinion, George Onorato has got to go.” Dromm: Monserrate Gets a Vote on Marriage