Elsewhere: A Draft on Monserrate

The Monserrate Inquisition Panel is mulling a draft of its report.

Joe Bruno is having a legal defense fund-raiser.

Tom DiNapoli says New York is “literally down to petty cash.”

Larry Littlefield crunched David Paterson’s numbers.

Paterson pardoned and Army soldier so he can join the NYPD.

Debbie Rose was sworn in today at City Hall, and will have another oath-taking on Saturday.

DNAInfo.com picks up the story of Bloomberg’s campaign bonuses.

Smart kids will party with Bloomberg.

Vito Lopez: “We want to thank you, Mayor Bloomberg, for being supportive. It’s a tradition.”

Bragging rights! “[Frances] Villar received a higher percentage of votes than any socialist on the ballot since 1981.”

Glenn Thrush is safe.

A newspaper in Guatemala pulled a prank on gays, falsely reporting that they could marry.

Almost 10,000 people commented on Marcellus Shale drilling.

Andrew Cuomo sued a wood pellet company.

Bennie Thompson says Pete King stepped over the line.

Here are the bar association’s legislative priorities.

And here’s a video of John Sampson saying David Paterson’s school aid stall was unlawful:

Elsewhere: A Draft on Monserrate