Elsewhere: Christie, Bloomberg and Springstein

Michael Bloomberg told the feds they can’t have it both ways.

The City Council postponed its vote on the Kingsbridge Armory.

The Environmental Facilities Corporation confirmed Matt Driscoll as its leader.

Despite the contrary, Bruce Springstein is not a Chris Christie fan.

Christie is meeting Bloomberg.

Republican Eric Ulrich is for paid sick leave.

David Paterson tweets word association.

He says Wall Street bonuses are “misunderstood.”

Brian Keeler says Peralta might be “another Espada.”

Paterson will sign legislation authorizing a new pension tier on Long Island tomorrow.

Andrew Cuomo gained a $20 million settlement.

Senate Democrats have a “broad agreement” on health care.

Ben says same-sex marriage isn’t quite inevitable.

Clerks are wondering what the deal is with the new license plates.

Queens officials want an Aqueduct pick.

And below, Paterson on CNBC after his Wall Street speech: Elsewhere: Christie, Bloomberg and Springstein