Elsewhere: Exeunt Rudy

Officially, Rudy Giuliani won’t run.

Jonathan Capehart isn’t surprised.

Dan Collins says goodbye.

Lazio said he feels sorry for David Paterson.

Giuliani blames Brazil.

Liz Feld thinks her chances just improved.

Ed Cox wonders about life without Rudy on the slate.

Bloomberg loses a court battle.

Tom DiNapoli explained Medicaid leaking.

Jay Gallagher returned to visit the Capitol.

Only in New York can you watch the Champlain Bridge get demolished.

But maybe not tomorrow.

“[T]his is a completely self-inflicted wound,” Tom Robbins says of the comptrollers criticizing Michael Bloomberg over hidden accounts.
Michael Calderone notices this year’s power punks, and notes that a punk from 2003 is doing pretty well.
The Albany Project wants to know the biggest embarrassment of 2009.

CNN picks up the story of EMS workers who did not help a dying woman because they were on their coffee break.
George Maziarz is still in play.

Meet Joe Mondello and Ed Mangano for $5,000.

It’s been three years since Alan Hevesi pleaded guilty.


Elsewhere: Exeunt Rudy