Elsewhere: God’s Veto, Peralta’s Party, Paterson’s Title

Jeremy Peters reminds us to call David Paterson by his title.

Paterson doesn’t like the federal health care bill and says it’ll cost the state $1 billion annually.

Carolyn Maloney brings out the establishment for a fund-raiser.

Liz Feld hits Kirsten Gillibrand for her health care vote.

“God dictated our decision,” Fernando Caberara said, referring to killing the Kingsbridge Armory.

Steve Levy and Edward Mangano will consider sharing a Washington lobbyist.

Tom DiNapoli said $53 million in Medicaid was spent, and should be returned.

Danny Dromm does an interview on The Perez Notes.

Hurry! “New York State United Teachers alerted prospective teachers that they could lock in coverage under the more generous pension tier by working as a substitute teacher for just one day before Jan. 1.”

Sheldon Silver supports an AIDS housing bill.

The Queens Tribune hits Jose Peralta: “Where the event may cross the line is the fact that the invitation did not name any of the Republican District Leaders, raising the specter of the party being partisan.”

Stu Loeser and Michael Frazier share a song.

Al Sharpton says: forgive.

And between songs from these kids in Harlem, is a message from Michael Bloomberg.

  Elsewhere: God’s Veto, Peralta’s Party, Paterson’s Title