Elsewhere: How Close to Reform?

Michael Bloomberg vetoed a five minute grace period for parking meters. Josh Robin’s report.

Tim Kaine says the time to re-do health care is now.

Kathy Wylde responds to the President’s speech.

Streetsblog sees a redux of the M.T.A. deficit battle.

Liz has the draft bill to fill the Bruno gap.

Assemblyman Bill Magnarelli says “we’ve already heard this loud and clear; we’ve moved ahead on this, this year.”

“For some, it may be a good argument for term limits,” Senator Darrel Aubertine said.

Jay Gallagher is skeptical anything will get done.

Steve Sanders is now with Malkin & Ross.

Legislative disclosure forms, redacted, are online.

GothamSchools parses new math test results.

New York City has planted 750,000 trees.

The public option is taking shape in the Senate.

Sam Hoyt for Cuomo.

David Paterson is using the stimulus to cut energy costs.

Jim Coyne says innocence is in the eye of the beholder.

Jeff Graham questions a potential challenger to Darrel Aubertine.

Below, the City Council cracks down on toy gun sales: Elsewhere: How Close to Reform?