Elsewhere: Monroe County for Lazio, Collins to Queens

In the deficit reduction plan, legislators kept their pork.

The NYCLU sued New York City over the arrest of a Staten Island gadfly.

Two cops are among those sued.

Richard Lipsky says Michael Bloomberg is a carbon hypocrite.

More state senators are reacting to Dean Skelos cooling on committee chairs.

Monroe County Republicans endorsed Rick Lazio.

Scott Stringer blasts the M.T.A.

Shirley Ann Jackson visited the White House.

Another redistricting idea.

Anthony Weiner blames Barack Obama for not getting Joe Lieberman and Olympia Snowe on board with health care.

But Weiner told CNN today: “I’m not prepared to say that we should throw out the whole process.”

Bloomberg accepts defeat at Kingsbridge.

Alex Baldwin crashes NY1’s office space.

John Schiumo prepares for hate mail about the M.T.A.

Chris Collins attended the Queens Republican holiday party last night.

An education meeting is moved to a more convenient location.

And below, via Capitol Confidential, a video of State Senate candidate Andrew Russo playing piano:

Elsewhere: Monroe County for Lazio, Collins to Queens