Elsewhere: Monserrate’s Sentence

Diane Savino: Gay icon. Cher.

Bill Perkins rages against eminent domain.

He’s not going to a party at the White House, but thanks for the invitation.

Eliot Spitzer on Democracy Now.

Jimmy will be on Capital Tonight’s Reporter Roundtable.

Still no Bruno verdict, but jurors re-heard testimony about Jared Abruzzese.

The jobs report was good news.

A Monserrate challenger and the guy prosecuting Monserrate share a fund-raising invite.

What does Jon Stewart have to say about the same-sex marriage vote?

Michael Bloomberg supports the Columbia expansion.

Angeline Hassell writes an open letter to Bloomberg.

 Fernanda Santos covers Monserrate.

Monserrate: “I am remorseful of all that has occurred.”

Tony Avella, state senator?

And below, a preview of a Watergate comparison on tonight’s New York NOW: Elsewhere: Monserrate’s Sentence