Elsewhere: Record Low Cash

The Monserrate Inquisition Panel will likely recommend either censure or expulsion.

New York’s cash balance hit a record low.

We didn’t hire Troopers this year.

Bloomberg’s message for the third term: “You can slip back very easily. Particularly during tough economic times.”

Sewell Chan: I’m in Rochester! There’s a book about it! Did you know there are towns up here called Java and Chili? Like the things you eat and drink! But the people up here pronounce them differently than New Yorkers like me.

Sal Arena weighs in on the Sal debate.

The Albany Project eulogizes Tom Suozzi.

NYRA and Tom DiNapoli are moving toward détente.

Antoine Thompson wants more time for Marcellus Shale comments.

Long Island contractors cut off the campaign cash.

The Catholics love Ruben Diaz Sr.

Congressional Democrats still aren’t defending Obama after the underwear bomber, Avi Zenilman writes.

Michael Schenkler predicts: “Paterson bows out of the Democratic race
for some ambassadorial job once it is clear to him he has no chance
against Andrew Cuomo.” [And that Nassau DA Kathleen Rice win’s the
AG’s race]

Another Rick Lazio campaign tag line: “Force Fiscal Sanity on Albany.” (No link.)

A music video featuring Hillary Clinton photos.

Super delegates may become slightly less super.

The WFP wants MetroCards for students.

Jeremy Olshan is looking for the “greenest family” in New York City.

The Riverdale Press recaps 2009.

Reporter Candice Giove warns (and tempts!) us with this Facebook
status: “I just watched myself on t.v. I managed to subdue certain
nervous tics, which only brought out others!!!! Catch a replay of my
anxious eye-blinking at 10 p.m., (Bx) channel 67.” (No link.)

And below, Tom Duane, in your neighborhood, talks about primary health care: Elsewhere: Record Low Cash