Elsewhere: Still No Kingsbridge Vote

Benjamin Kabak says Martin Dilan is being hypocritical in criticizing Jay Walder.

Michael Bloomberg is trying to rescue the New York soap.

Tom Scocca writes comic copy.

Hiram Monserrate and his budget director disagree on same-sex marriage. (Monserrate voted no; his staffer is gay.)

Liz heard what Sheldon Silver told Paterson on the live mic.

The City Council still hasn’t voted on the Kingsbridge Armory development.

Capitol Confidential wants superlatives.

The shooting in Times Square can only fuel Bloomberg’s crusade against guns.

Central New York officials are worried their payments will be late.

Brian Keeler says it’s time to re-boot the system.

Larry Littlefield says the word “reform” should be banned in Albany.

The Atlantic Yards bonds are junk.

Fire Hadassah Lieberman.

Buffalo Pundit pictorially explains Albany.

And below, video of Comptroller Tom DiNapoli on New York NOW: Elsewhere: Still No Kingsbridge Vote