Elsewhere: Suing Vito, Senator Gentlemom

Kirsten Gillibrand, the GentleMom from New York.

Atheists are suing Vito Lopez and the Brooklyn Diocese.

A State Police scientist faked forensics results.

Merryl Tisch said we shouldn’t get stuck on charter school numbers.

Happy Holidays, from Andrew Cuomo.

Four Freedoms Park got a $10 million boost.

An Albany councilman is mad at Jersey Shore.

The NRSC smacked Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer.

Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb will be on Capital Tonight.

The city unemployment fell from 9.0 to 8.6 percent.

Jumaane Williams and Brad Lander also got subpoenaed in an investigation of the Working Families Party.

Sheldon Silver said “everything is on the table,” to help fund the MTA, including congestion pricing.

Andrew Hawkins questions the New York Post’s claims to “breaking the WFP story.”

Michael Bloomberg isn’t winning the Person of the Year Award at the Queens Courier.

Cyclists will ride in their underwear through Williamsburg this Sunday.

NBC picks up the news.

Jimmy Vacca (possible transportation chair?) does a video about the MTA cutbacks.

What do you think of restaurants getting letter grades for cleanliness?

Sewell Chan has more on comparing Chuck Schumer’s verbal gaffe to the one made by the guy he replaced.

MoveOn.org v. Joe Lieberman.

Chris Collins is staffing up.

Harry Wilson for Comptroller?

And below, David Paterson discussed the budget this morning on CNBC:

Elsewhere: Suing Vito, Senator Gentlemom