Foley Votes With (His) Party

It’s easy being in the majority, except when you’re expected to actually have to vote with them.

Brian Foley is a freshman Democrat who was elected to a Long Island district that, for decades, had been represented by Republican Casear Trunzo.

Normally, a Democrat from a marginal district could be forgiven (by legislative leaders, advocates, etc.) for not toeing the party line. But today, Foley voted in favor of same-sex marriage. Last month, Foley was “undecided,” according to NY1.

Foey has been in this poition before, when he voted with Democrats on a bailout of the M.T.A. These are two clear points that a challenger in a general election could use against him.

A spokesman for Foley said that a freshman Democrat from a marginal district would likely be challenged by a Republican no matter how they voted on these and other issues.

Foley Votes With (His) Party