Fries With Your Wait?

The Times Dining section chronicles the “Shacking of America” in an article on Danny Meyer and his ever-expanding chain of Shake Shacks.

Meyer credits the Shack’s success to his strategy of eschewing the dominant fast-food ethos. By making the food much slower.

The typical burger-chain experience:

“The whole experience is to cram people into a cookie-cutter space, to feed them as many unhealthy calories as possible – then get them to leave,” said Mr. Meyer, the president of the Union Square Hospitality Group and the Yoda of Shake Shack. “That stripping away of human experience? That is where fast food went astray.”…

And that at a Shake Shack:

“People have to wait in line just to place their orders,” Mr. Meyer, 51, said on a recent afternoon. “After that? They have to wait for us to cook their orders. And then? We hope they’ll stay awhile, as they eat. To enhance the communal experience.”

No word on whether the July line in Madison Square Park is perhaps too human of an experience. Fries With Your Wait?