Golden Globe Nominations! Look Who Got a Push and Who Got Snubbed (Viggo)

Some of us woke up with the very first flush of awards season fever! Today the nominations for the 67th annual Golden Globe Awards were announced and here are a few first impressions.

We Are Not That Unhappy With the Picks for Best Drama:

And that’s odd! Usually, the Golden Globes (Oscar’s party-hopping drunk sister) tend to get a little weird. However, in the case of the Best Drama Feature, Avatar, The Hurt Locker, Inglourious Basterds, Precious, and Up in the Air are all truly deserving. We’d have liked to see District 9 and maybe even Bright Star in there, but you can’t win them all.  However, we’re guessing Peter Jackson is feeling pretty unhappy this morning. Ooof, sorry Lovely Bones.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Sure Loves Themselves Some Meryl Streep! (Part 1)

In hindsight, it’s totally predictable that both Julie & Julia and It’s Complicated were nominated for Best Comedy/Musical Feature, but when you see those two amongst the other nominees – (500 Days of Summer), The Hangover (!), and Nine….it would have been nice if they could have nominated just the Meryl half of Julie & Julia movie. Because, really? What about The Fantastic Mr. Fox? Hey, we’d have been happy with Drag Me To Hell!

The Hollywood Foreign Press Sure Loves Themselves Some Meryl Streep! (Part 2)

Ms. Streep will be competing against herself for Julie & Julia and It’s Complicated, along with Julia Roberts (which, wow! Way to remember all the way back to Duplicity, voters!), Sandra Bullock for The Proposal (she’s also nominated for The Blind Side which is, we think, where Abbie Cornish for Bright Star should have been) and our girl crush, Marion Cotillard for Nine. There are so many good actresses in Nine, we’re a little unsure how Ms. Cotillard got pushed out in front. Is it because she got two songs?

Viggo Got Robbed! Viggo Got Robbed!

We know, we know: it’s 2009 and no one wanted to see a depressing movie about living out of a shopping cart after the world dies. But jeeze, the man was amazing in The Road.  We don’t know who we’d replace him for, because jeeze….good group in Best Actor. But while we’re at it, District 9’s Sharlto Copley, we’re sorry. Here’s hoping for better come Oscar time.

Here’s the Question We Ask Every Year

If the Golden Globes can divide themselves between Drama and Comedy/Musical, why do the supporting actors all get tossed into one? It makes no sense! So this year, there are the two (excellent) actresses from Up in the Air going up against Penelope Cruz (Nine), Julianne Moore (A Single Man and Mo’Nique? How does this make sense?

Look Out James Cameron

We are far too tired to fact check this, but we’re guessing this is the first time that the Best Director category has a former husband and wife competing against each other: Kathryn Bigelow’s Hurt Locker against James Cameron and Avatar. Innnnnnteresting right?



Golden Globe Nominations! Look Who Got a Push and Who Got Snubbed (Viggo)