Gourmet’s Cookbooks Find a New Home

The end of Gourmet was not bad for everyone: It was not bad for the the culinary collection at NYU’s Fales Library, for example. Fales has used a $14,000 gift from cookbook author Roseanne Gold to purchase the late magazine’s 3,500 research cookbooks, The Times reports.

“I got on the horn right away when I heard the magazine was closing,” library director Marvin Taylor told the paper. “It’s fascinating because you can see the various trends that Gourmet covered. . . . There are six or eight shelves of Cajun books. The same was true for Mediterranean books. There’s a very large Asian selection.”

The books arrive at the library later this week, and will be available to NYU-affiliated people as well as to “private scholars” who make prior appointments. Gourmet’s Cookbooks Find a New Home