Items! Al Sharpton, Pickled Sharks

N.Y.P.D. press passes are alive and well; no word on the status of fedoras.

It was a bad year for pickled sharks and shiny things.

A bomb in Times Square? Nope.

Peter Kaplan writes, “Nobody embodied the magic merger of ink and newsprint and its ability to state a human point of view – nobody could lift life from the page – as David Levine could.”

The W.S.J. explains how Preet Bharara wrapped Galleon head Raj Rajaratnam in wiretaps.

And how Mr. Bharara is keeping the pressure on for a plea.

Al Sharpton will not be happy if Charles Barron loses his chairmanship (or chairpersonship).

Mr. Sharpton will eulogize Percy Sutton next week.

The Dallas Morning News says Mr. Sutton “embodied the kind of political talent Texas lost because it didn’t create a home for all its people.”

Atlantic Yards get some fancy fencing.

Preservationists look to 2010.

Items!  Al Sharpton, Pickled Sharks