Items! Bonuses, Buyouts, and Benjamin Bratt

Tim Geithner hates bonuses and is not buying Goldman’s shit.

With three days to go, Bill Keller is still pushing those buyouts.

Rudy Giuliani to declare war on Rio squeegee men.

James Franco overplays his hand.

David Lynch goes to work for Dior.

The High Line gets a lawsuit.

Eminent domain, execution style.

Possibly under fire, Comcast likes healthcare.

Benjamin Bratt on Jerry Orbach, mentor.

The Jersey Shore does not like “The Jersey Shore.”

New Yorkers looking for “a meaningful introduction” to the new Cooper Union building will be disappointed.

Hiram Monserrate won’t do time.

WaPo issues a Public Enemy, 9/11-related correction. Items! Bonuses, Buyouts, and Benjamin Bratt