Items! Buses, Bowie, Ben Bernanke’s Beard

Iman on why SoHo is the “perfect” place for David Bowie: “Everyone’s dressed better than he is, and they all think they’re stars – so no one bothers him!”

The New Yorker publishes an excerpt from David Foster Wallace’s final novel.

Super-quiet buses hit the streets.

The other pinkish paper performs a MySpace autopsy.

Bill Deresiewicz will probably ignore your friend request.

Business Insider runs down the four Times Business reporters taking the buyout.

GQ calls the AG a Man of the Year.

The car of a WaPo columnist and Kremlin critic explodes.

Martin Lipton remembers Bruce Wasserstein.

Ben Bernanke’s beard, before and after. Items! Buses, Bowie, Ben Bernanke’s Beard