Items! Madoff, Medicare and Magazine-Themed Eats

What Peter Gammons’ departure says about politics.

PBS interviews the NYTPickers. Revealed: there are six of them.

Anthony Weiner likes the idea of expanding Medicare.

How much do you love your bodega? Enough to write 100-400 words about it?

The S.E.C. wants to help early Madoff investors.

And in Queens, a Madoff imitator.

Bill Perkins would prefer David Paterson not appeal that Columbia eminent domain decision.

Slate invents magazine-themed restaurants, in the spirit of Rolling Stone‘s new venture.

Sometime Observer Eliza Shapiro talks to Manhattanville residents about Columbia’s expansion.

Your bankers are invading Washington on Monday.

An odd segment from Vanity Fair: “Tiger Speaks.”

Items! Madoff, Medicare and Magazine-Themed Eats