It’s a West-Coast East-Coast Opera Thing

San Franciscans are pleased with their bold taste in opera, suggests a piece in today’s San Francisco Chronicle.

Reviewing a telecast of the Met’s controversial restaging of Tosca—the one greeted with loud booing in September—Joshua Kosman deems New Yorkers “a big bunch of weenies”:

Seriously, this is what passes for a fiasco in the Big Apple? This muscular, clear-sighted and often powerful staging of a familiar repertory standard – marred, admittedly, by a handful of small but painful directorial missteps – is all it takes to arouse the collective ire of New York’s opera crowd?

Kosman deems the show “a bare-knuckled exploration of political and sexual power, unimpeded by fussiness or luxury.”

Always impeding power with fussiness and luxury—that’s New York’s problem.

It’s a West-Coast East-Coast Opera Thing