Kasparian speaks, and blasts Yudin

Bergen County Democratic Chairman Michael Kasparian today accused his Republican counterpart of engaging in a “political witchhunt” by asking incoming Attorney General Paula Dow to investigate the Bergen County Improvement Authority over an investigative report by The Record.

“Once again Bob Yudin is attempting to politicize law enforcement, using career law officers as pawns to score political points and generate news for his political agenda. It is demeaning to career professionals and an insult to the integrity and process of both the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the newly appointed New Jersey Attorney General,” said Kasparian, who noted that Yudin used to call for investigations of county agencies by the U.S. Attorney’s Office when it was headed by Gov.-elect Chris Christie. 

Now that Christie is about to move into governor’s office, Yudin has started addressing his pleas to Christie’s pick for Attorney General, Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow – a Democrat who formerly worked for Christie in the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

“The reckless politicizing of law enforcement raises many serious concerns, and makes it clear that the only investigations Yudin wants is one run by a Republican appointee,” said Kasparian.  “These investigations are costly and political witch-hunts are an insult to all career law enforcement officers and taxpayers.”

Yudin chalked the change of venues to his prior suspicion that his pleas would fall on the deaf ears of the office of outgoing Attorney General Anne Milgram, who was appointed by Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine.

“”My call for an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office is based on an article in the record, which speaks for itself… The reason I always went to the U.S. Attorney’s office was because I had absolutely no faith in the Democratic administration and the office of the Democratic attorney general conducting a legitimate independent investigation of the corruption that was taking place in Bergen County,” said Yudin.  “Now that we have a new governor who for years, as U.S. Attorney, made it clear that whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, corrupt politicians would be pursued, I feel that there’s absolutely no qualms now of asking the attorney general based on what was put in print.”

The Attorney General’s Office under Milgram has investigated a powerful Democratic chairwoman, and this year charged dozens of Democratic operatives in Atlantic and Essex County Democratic strongholds on ballot fraud charges – including a sitting Essex County freeholder who is married to a Democratic state senator.   Kasparian speaks, and blasts Yudin