Lazio, Too, Says Bruno Verdict Should Prompt Reform

ALBANY—Rick Lazio, the only Republican who is openly campaigning for governor, said he was “disappointed in Joe” after his conviction yesterday of federal fraud charges.

Lazio is running to “replace state government,” apparently including the current system of ethics enforcement.

“The conviction of Senator Joe Bruno is sad and tragic for his family. I am, like all New Yorkers, disappointed in Joe,” Lazio said in a statement. “With this conviction stacked on top of many others, Albany is well on its way to earning the title of Corruption Capitol of the world. We need to reform our ethics laws, but before we can do that, our entire system of government needs a overhaul. Without fundamental change, the latest patches proposed by our supposed leaders in Albany can never be successful. We need to throw out the old way of doing things and start all over again from the beginning. The status quo won’t cut it another day.”

There is already movement along these lines. Lazio, Too, Says Bruno Verdict Should Prompt Reform