Legislature in session today

Both houses of the New Jersey Legislature are in session today.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will consider the marriage equality bill, and for the second time in two weeks, the nomination of quadruple-dipper Nicholas Fargo to the Hudson County Board of Taxation.

The Assembly is expected to swear in their new newest members. Republican DiAnne Gove, former Long Beach Mayor, will take her seat as the Assemblywoman from the ninth district. She replaced Daniel Van Pelt, who resigned following his arrest on federal corruption charges last summer. Republican Erik Peterson will take the District 23 Assembly seat; he replaced Michael Doherty, who resigned last month following his election to the State Senate. Hampton Mayor Rob Walton won a special election convention to fill Peterson's seat on the Hunterdon County Board of Freeholders.

Senate committees will meet at 10AM and 1PM. The Assembly has a 1PM voting session and is expected to consider the following bills:

A243 [Vandervalk, Charlotte/Handlin, Amy H.], Rape shield law, civil-creates
A289 [Rumpf, Brian E.], Pub. off, emp convicted of crime-concern
A853 [Albano, Nelson T./Wagner, Connie+3], Vulnerable adults, abuse-req. reporting
A931 [Scalera, Frederick/Quigley, Joan M.+2], Vol. emerg. responder's liab.-concerns

A1072 [Wagner, Connie/Voss, Joan M.], Soil contamination on sch. prop-concerns

A1645 [McKeon, John F./Scalera, Frederick+9], Loc Pub Contracts Law-redefines qualif.

A2185 [Rumpf, Brian E.], Parking spaces-concerns snow removal

A2491 [Cryan, Joseph], Franchise Practices Act-concerns

A2791 [Amodeo, John F./Rumana, Scott T.+5], Sr. Labor Task Force-creates

A2858 [Cryan, Joseph/Prieto, Vincent+1], Civil actions-concerns limitations

A3016 [Johnson, Gordon M./Schaer, Gary S.], Cemetery co.-file cert. finan. info.

A3056 [Wisniewski, John S./Prieto, Vincent+2], Rental, resid. prop.-concerns

A3228 [Angelini, Mary Pat/O'Scanlon, Declan J.+1], Sch. admin., cert.-concerns contracts

A3338 [Giblin, Thomas P./Wisniewski, John S.+31], NJT bd.-adds non-voting memb.

A3339 [Chivukula, Upendra J./Coutinho, Albert+3], On-site generation fac.-concerns

A3349 [Greenstein, Linda R./Vainieri Huttle, Valerie+2], Victim of crim. insane-

notify of release

A3396 [Chiusano, Gary R./McHose, Alison Littell], Emerg. veh.-concerns warranties

A3448 [Gusciora, Reed/DeAngelo, Wayne P.], Voter regis. applications-concerns

A3671 [Cryan, Joseph/Vas, Joseph+1], Sch. dist. emp.-concerns tuition asst.

A3791 [Milam, Matthew W./Albano, Nelson T.], Coastal region-concerns

A3833 [Carroll, Michael Patrick], Palimony-concerns

A3842 [McKeon, John F./Cryan, Joseph+3], Lung Cancer Research Fd.-estab.

A3911 [Schaer, Gary S./Greenwald, Louis D.], Auto. Insur. Risk Exchange-

concerns appt

A3921 [Moriarty, Paul D./Malone, Joseph R.+4], Sch. fac.-safe electric partitions

A3990 [Cryan, Joseph], Health care svc. firms-concerns

A4023 [Lampitt, Pamela R./Diegnan, Patrick J.], Presid. Council-concerns memb.

A4089 [Wisniewski, John S./Scalera, Frederick], EMTs-concerns certification

A4159 [Casagrande, Caroline/O'Scanlon, Declan J.+4], Earle Naval Weapons


A4225 [Roberts, Joseph J./Spencer, L. Grace], Autism spectrum disorder,


A4226 [Roberts, Joseph J./Spencer, L. Grace], Autism spectrum disorder-

concern rights

A4227 [Wagner, Connie/Munoz, Nancy F.], Electronic smoking devices-

proh sale to minors

A4229 [Conaway, Herb/Quigley, Joan M.], Prescription Blanks-concerns use

A4231 [Watson Coleman, Bonnie], Debt adjustment activities-concerns

A4243 [Wagner, Connie], MVC-concerns

A4244 [Prieto, Vincent], MV equip., inspections-concerns

A4245 [Spencer, L. Grace/Schaer, Gary S.], Med. malpractice liab. insur.-concerns

A4247 [Wisniewski, John S./Prieto, Vincent], Autocabs-concerns

A4250 [Conners, Jack/Tucker, Cleopatra G.], Handicap accessible veh. purch.-concern

A4253 [Conners, Jack/Tucker, Cleopatra G.], Natl. Guard memb.-tuition asst.

A4265 [McKeon, John F.], Site remediations-covenant not to sue

A4268 [Cryan, Joseph/Quijano, Annette], Maintenance-related proj.-wage req.

A4289 [Egan, Joseph V./Evans, Elease], Family temp. disab. leave-concerns

A4293 [DeAngelo, Wayne P./Egan, Joseph V.], Prevailing wage-concerns pymt.

A4296 [Stender, Linda+1], Palimony-concerns

A4300 [Quigley, Joan M./Schaer, Gary S.], PFRS accidential death benf.-expedite

A4301 [Johnson, Gordon M./Spencer, L. Grace], Fed. NICS Improvement Act-compliance

A4302 [McKeon, John F./Wisniewski, John S.], MV, loan suspended driv.-addl. penal.

A4304 [Burzichelli, John J./Johnson, Gordon M.+1], Handgun sales, purch.-concerns

ACR134 [Burzichelli, John J./Albano, Nelson T.+6], Emp. benf.-concerns use of

cert. contrib

AJR129 [Gusciora, Reed/Lampitt, Pamela R.], Tech. Innovation Wk.-first wk. in March

AR72 [Cruz-Perez, Nilsa/Vainieri Huttle, Valerie], Toy safety leg.-memor. Cong.,

Pres enact

AR120 [Scalera, Frederick], Community Emerg. Response Teams-recog.

S869 [Turner, Shirley K./Sacco, Nicholas J.+1], Rental, resid. prop.-concerns

S924 [Van Drew, Jeff], Coastal region-concerns

S2091 [Scutari, Nicholas P./Cardinale, Gerald], Palimony-concerns

S2127 [Codey, Richard J./Turner, Shirley K.+2], Sch. dist. emp.-concerns tuition asst.

S2502 [Singer, Robert W./Kean, Thomas H.+2], Lung Cancer Research Fd.-estab.

S2765 [Rice, Ronald L.], Debt adjustment activities-concerns

S2885 [Girgenti, John A./Sweeney, Stephen M.+7], EMTs-concerns certification

SCR60 [Sweeney, Stephen M./Kean, Thomas H.+15], Emp. benf.-concerns use of cert. contrib Legislature in session today