Mischa Returns to the (Very) Small Screen

The Beautiful Life, Mischa Barton’s swiftly canceled come-back vehicle, has been revived. On YouTube.

Producer Ashton Kutcher tells Reuters, “What we feel like we’re doing is creating, in some ways, an industry first…. A show that couldn’t find its legs on television, we believe can find its legs on the Web.”

When The Observer‘s Irina Aleksander spent some time with Barton back in September, she had this lament for the lot of the celebrity:

“I have a lot of difficulty with the way our society wants to see its public figures. Before, there used to be a kind of privacy to those people that made them interesting because they were enigmatic. They had something about them that was untouchable.”

YouTube is not noted for its aura of enigma and untouchability, but hey, work is work. And as far as YouTube appearances go, it has to be an improvement over “Mischa Barton Explains New Fat Photos.”

Mischa Returns to the (Very) Small Screen