Morgenthau One-Up in Battlestar Geriatrica

In the battle of surly old mossbacks who (presumably) no longer have to answer to voters, District Attorney Robert Morgenthau is proving even more cantankerous than the temperamental Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Mr. Morgenthau is unhappy the mayor is looking into some accounts his office maintains—they are separate from the money the D.A. gets from the city—and he’s not at all shy about expressing himself.

“If you all weren’t newspapers of record, I’d say these were chickenshit comments,” said Mr. Morgenthau, who at 90 is quite literally old enough to be 67-year old mayor’s father. (Ever polite, The Newspaper of Record didn’t quote him directly, calling it a “barnyard vulgarity.”

“We have great respect for Mr. Morgenthau’s independence and his record,” said Bloomberg spokesman Stu Loeser in a statement, “but all public officials have a responsibility to disclose the sources and uses of taxpayer money.”

We’ll have to wait for the next press conference, when the mayor sometimes can’t help himself, to see if he takes the bait.

Morgenthau One-Up in Battlestar Geriatrica