Morning Read: After Kingsbridge

Michael Barbaro recaps Michael Bloomberg’s recent setbacks (Kingsbridge, green buildings, Brooklyn waterfront development) and victories (Tier 5, teacher’s contracts, Robert Morgenthau).

The Kingsbridge vote yesterday was a “surprising defeat” for Bloomberg.

Jesse Maysr reads into the Kingsbridge vote: “We can assume the Bronx is closed for business. Is the rest of the city as well?”

Ruben Diaz Jr.: “We here maintain that that notion that any job is better than no job no longer applies.”

The Daily News edit board laments the vote against the Kingsbridge plan. “The Council’s near-unanimous vote was a milestone in self-destructive legislating.”

Bob Kappstatter quotes a source saying Robert Lieber’s plan to create a “special fund” to boost pay for Kingsbridge employees was “put together with so much spit and glue” that it wouldn’t hold.

Bloomberg is working to build wind turbines off the Rockaways.

R.I.P. Dennis deLeon.

A man from Philadelphia was arrested for threatening Bloomberg and Ray Kelly.

The man’s last call was on Dec. 10. He was arrested on Dec. 11.

The city’s new anti-fat ad.

The ad makes the wood of Metro.

The F.D.N.Y. cancelled schedule maintenance on their defibrillators.

Tonight, Richard Gottfried has a fund-raiser on Pearl Street at 5:30 p.m.

The Lexington Democratic Club’s holiday party is at Ship of Fools at 6 p.m.

 David Chen, Kellyanne Conway, Joe Mercurio and a guy from Google discuss whether Bloomberg is overmarketed at 6 p.m.

And here’s video of Bloomberg’s Q&A in Copenhagen. On the issue of wind turbines, he said, “[T]o object to these is really kind of ridiculous. They’re so far away you really can’t see them.” He also said, “I don’t think congestion pricing is dead.”

Morning Read: After Kingsbridge