Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Bonuses, Meeks’ Trip

The Times has possible amounts of the bonuses Michael Bloomberg will give his campaign aides.

David Seifman hears a defense of the bonuses. “‘Why wouldn’t he give them out?’ said the insider. ‘He won, didn’t he?'”

The full size of the bonuses will be reported on January 15.

The Daily News slams Greg Meeks for traveling to see Hugo Chavez.

But the wood goes to Obama.

Michael Goodwin wants to get rid of Kirsten Gillibrand, saying she’s “in over her head” and “just not that into facts.”

Hillary Clinton, still popular.

The tagline in Rick Lazio’s Google ads: “Endorsed by Rudy Giuliani New Ideas. New Leadership.”

Robert Morgenthau on Bloomberg’s problem: “He didn’t like the idea that there was an independently elected district attorney that didn’t report to him.”

CNN notices that crime is down.

An off-duty cop claims he was harassed by other officers.

It’s about time to review the year-long experiment that is the pedestrian malls in Times Square.

Heeb Magazine tries humorous fortune telling. “November 6, 2017 – Michael Bloomberg is elected mayor of New York City for the fifth time. He spends 342 million of his own money on the race and earns 54% of the popular vote, which is pretty impressive considering he died two years earlier.”

What airport screening looks like now.

Fewer secrets in Washington.

And is anyone else surprised that neither Bill nor Hillary Clinton made The Financial Times‘ “Fifty faces that shaped the decade” ? Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Bonuses, Meeks’ Trip