Morning Read: Sutton, Vance, Morgenthau

R.I.P. Percy Sutton.

Errol Louis on Sutton: “His generation’s excellence was born of social and cultural pressures that many people can scarcely imagine or remember.”

Chris Smith remembers the other Rudy Giuliani.

One of the best cities to “Land a Green Job” is New York City, according to The Daily Green.

Details of Cy Vance’s past: “[President] Johnson, clad in pajamas, gave young Cyrus a Swiss Army knife embossed with a White House logo.”

After retiring, Robert Morgenthau said he wants to open an office to do consulting, lobbying and financial ventures, reports The Times.

Peter King has a column about security.

The Post edit board slams ACORN, but reminds us they’re “more interested in what all this means for ACORN’s bastard child in New York, the equally sketchy Working Families Party.”

Can you pass the 2009 quiz?

And pictured above is Percy Sutton, from The caption: “Adam Clayton Powell Day proclaimed, November 29, 1974. L to R: Percy Sutton, Adam Clayton Powell III, son of ACP, Deputy Mayor Paul Gibson, Manhattan Councilman Fred Samuel.” Morning Read: Sutton, Vance, Morgenthau