Morning Read, Upstate: A Birthday Surprise

David Paterson stopped by Andrew Cuomo’s birthday fund-raiser.

“There’s no reason we shouldn’t be wishing him well,” Paterson said.

Jacob Gershman presents a new political calculus: “[T]he key question isn’t whether Paterson has a realistic shot at beating Cuomo in a Democratic primary. (He doesn’t.) It’s whether he can deter Cuomo from running.”

Federal prosecutor Andrew Baxter wants Joe Bruno to serve time in jail.

Said State Senator Betty Little, a Queensbury Republican, of Albany: “It is now beyond dysfunction. It is madness, or something,”

The News wants Albany to get its act together on Race to the Top.

Leandra’s Law takes effect Friday.

The state’s highest court ruled that N.Y.P.D. officers can be subject to random drug testing by hair sample.

Will the M.T.A.’s cash crisis ignite a dispute with its unions?

Straphangers are worried about the service cuts.

Paterson accepted a report on how to reform the State Liquor Authority.

More city councilmen acknowledged getting snared in the Working Families Party investigation.

A State Police forensic scientist falsified results.

Assembly Republicans are pushing for a Constitutional Convention.

And below, Councilman James Vacca talks about the M.T.A.’s proposed service cuts: Morning Read, Upstate: A Birthday Surprise