Morning Read, Upstate: A ‘Bruno Gap’ Bill

Hiram Monserrate challenger Assemblyman Jose Peralta got $350,000 for a less than robust non-profit group connected to his family, Juan Gonzalez finds.

The Times says former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s conviction “eliminates any last feeble excuse” for lawmakers to tighten up ethics disclosures. The Times provides bullet points.

“There should be someone watching, requiring disclosure or requiring approval for what jobs you can take on,” Patricia Hurley-Dyer, the jury forewoman, told the News. “I would imagine that there are some people who are a little nervous. I am sure Mr. Bruno is not the only one who crosses the line.”

“New York’s ethics laws stink,” Blair Horner told the paper.

The Times Union notes that instead, it’s eerily quiet in the Capitol.

But Senators Eric Schneiderman and Daniel Squadron have drafted an ethics bill.

Conviction?!?? Bah, we still love ya Joe. And we love having your name on our stadium and your bust in our airport.

Bruno resigned as CEO of CMA Consulting Services.

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments about the “honest services” statute that convicted Bruno, and were skeptical.

Steven Breyer asked if employees could be prosecuted for reading the Daily Racing Form.

Bill Hammond is upset that people who voted against same-sex marriage didn’t explain why.

Advocates of the bill are starting to plot their political targets.

The Senate may drop the public option as the House knows it.

Michael Bloomberg is still being pressed on AIDS.

He vetoed a bill to allow a grace period on parking meters.

Next week, Bloomberg goes to Copenhagen.

Health Department officials are trying to secure free gym memberships for overweight citizens.

The City Council is cracking down on toy guns.

The UFT questions New York’s gains on standardized math tests.

Martha Coakley won the Democratic nomination to succeed Ted Kenned in the U.S. Senate.

S.I. v. S.N.L.

Westchester County mulls consolidation.

Robert Duffy and Maggie Brooks talk about the economy.

The mayor of Troy vetoed the city council’s budget.

The Erie County legislature overrode $320,000 of Chris Collins’ budget vetoes.

Kirsten Gillibrand wants to give a tax break for donating venison to food pantries.

And below, Eric Massa talks about Obama’s plans for Afghanistan on Hardball: Morning Read, Upstate: A ‘Bruno Gap’ Bill