Morning Read, Upstate: Bouncing Monserrate?

Percy Sutton, former assemblyman and Manhattan borough president, 89.

“It was Percy Sutton who talked me into running for office, and who has continued to serve as one of my most valued advisers ever since,” David Paterson said.

Paterson has increased the size of his State Police detail, Fred Dicker writes.

Dan Janison finds new lines of attack in Paterson’s rhetoric.

Many more state workers are earning over $100,000, the Post finds.

State Senator Brian Foley wants to expel his colleague Hiram Monserrate from the chamber, regardless of a report from a panel looking at the matter.

Two dozen companies that lost their Empire Zone benefits are suing the state.

The head of the jury that convicted Joe Bruno doesn’t want to see him in jail.

“It does us no good to be one of the highest-taxed states in the nation,” Andrew Cuomo said. “The notion that ‘that’s the way it is’ is not acceptable. People are going to start voting with their feet; we are precariously close to that point.”

Watch the Champlain Bridge get demolished here at 10 a.m.

Eddie Malloy is angry that the demolition firm is from out of state.

There were bi-plane rides when the bridge opened in 1929.

The appointment of Kirsten Gillibrand is the Times Union’s #4 story of the year.

Robert Whalen, health commissioner to Hugh Carey, 84.

To save money, Schenectady is not having a special inauguration for its elected officials.

The Buffalo News looks at pilot training.

Senator Jeff Klein looked at SUNY costs.

NYRA is refusing the auditing efforts of Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

And below, Senator Bill Perkins decries Columbia University’s proposed expansion: Morning Read, Upstate: Bouncing Monserrate?