Morning Read, Upstate: Coping With Cuts

Local officials are coping with the loss of state funding.

“Delaying payments to schools and delaying payments to agencies – these are not popular things that I’m doing,” David Paterson told The Times.

“It’s scary because I wonder if (Paterson) knows what he’s doing,” said Carol Pickering, the superintendent of the Hyde Park School District.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver supported Paterson’s move, saying his aides can “manage cash as they see fit.”

An M.T.A. committee moved one step closer to service cuts and its doomsday scenario.

The Post says this is “the price New Yorkers must pay to support a public-sector wage-and-benefit structure that private-sector wage-slaves can only dream about.”

Paterson still remains in the pollster’s basement.

Richard Ravitch is soliciting foundations to help him hire staff.

Every juvenile offender costs New York $210,000 per year, a report finds.

Bill Hammond says something must be done.

The Times Union doesn’t understand why the man-cave guys got fired but Joe Bruno got a pass from state watchdogs.

Mike Daly says Jay-Z was not named for subway lines, and if cuts go through, couldn’t be.

New York’s education commissioner, David Steiner, says we should look at expanding the charter school cap.

Steiner is trying to get some federal funding.

Senator Malcolm Smith introduced a bill to raise the cap to 400.

Bruce Blakeman, a former comptroller candidate, is mulling a run against Kirsten Gillibrand.

Terror trials may also come to Brooklyn.

Scott Murphy wants to expand the G.I. Bill.

And below, David Paterson talks about his office of taxpayer accountability:

Morning Read, Upstate: Coping With Cuts