Morning Read, Upstate: Paterson and Wall Street

Eliot Spitzer is “seriously thinking about” a 2010 run for comptroller, sources tell Maggie Haberman.

In a Wall Street speech, David Paterson promised to withhold local assistance payments.

He stood by Wall Street as “the engine of our economy.”

“We’re thrilled. Gov. Paterson is the first major official in the country to contradict this populist notion that we should destroy our financial services sector and say that will be good for America. It will be horrible for America. He was courageous for saying so,” said Kathryn Wylde, CEO of the Partnership for New York City.

The Post loves it.

Glenn Blain says Paterson’s speech featured “what has become his regular doomsday lingo.”

The Times Union says there’s “pressing business” to raise the standard of behavior in the State Senate.

“In Albany, it’s all right to cavort with prostitutes, take bribes, commit extortion, pay family chauffeurs with tax dollars, beat up girlfriends, punch meter maids, embezzle money, commit sexual assaults, ply teens with alcohol and more,” writes the Buffalo News. “That’s what is shocking – that scandal after scandal rolls out of Albany and nothing changes.”

The News wants “Joe’s Law,”: “bulletproof laws combined with tough, independent enforcement and harsh penalties for violators – not the loophole-riddled half-measures and Rube Goldberg bureaucracies being contemplated in the Legislature.”

“The governor has provided no leadership on this,” said NYPIRG’s Blair Horner.

Assemblyman Mark Schroeder said legislators should do nothing by legislate.

Errol Louis says the best medicine is voter action.

The Empire State Plaza ice rink will not open this year, like last year.

Despite doubts among some Republican leaders, Chris Collins is pushing ahead with a ascent gubernatorial bid.

“The Queens delegation didn’t just let down Queens, they let down the whole state,” said state Senator Tom Duane, “It was a betrayal.”

Michael Bloomberg wasn’t much help to Alan Khazei.

Jon Cooper for Senate….State Senate.

State Senator Ruben Diaz Sr. doesn’t know who Frederick Douglass is.

The national parties are already thinking about the 2012 nominating process.

New Jersey will not immediately vote on same-sex marriage.

Eric Holder came to New York to talk about security for terror trials.

Details of the Senate’s new public option are dripping out.

A hedge fund executive reached a $20 million settlement with Andrew Cuomo.

Rockland County officials want the M.T.A. to put payment facilities there.

And below, Christine Quinn talks about green buildings legislation before the City Council: Morning Read, Upstate: Paterson and Wall Street