Morning Read, Upstate: Paterson’s Cuts, The M.T.A.’s Cuts

Fred Dicker says John Sampson is refusing to appear at public events with David Paterson.

Liz says Democrats in the State Senate may offer some committee chairmanships to Republicans.

There are major problems with New York’s youth prison system, a federal report found.

Paterson said he will stall $750 million in payments to schools and local governments.

“The reason that we don’t have a permanent fix is because the Legislature walked away and ran back to their districts and told their constituents, ‘Look, I saved the school district from the big bad governor,’ ” Paterson said. “But the reality is that they only temporarily delayed the day of reckoning.”

Schools are starting to scramble.

A spokesman for NYSUT says the union is “reviewing our legal options.”

The Times Union says any suit by legislators “will be fighting for its right to put its head in the sand.”

During his last court fight over Lt. Governor Richard Ravitch, Paterson spent $1 million.

The M.T.A. will propose service cuts today, and the possible elimination of free Metrocards for students.

Long Island will be hit hard.

Paterson said he can’t do anything about it.

He also said he could support a full-time legislature.

Nearly 50 legislative staffers are also treasurers for campaign committees.

The News calls this “equal parts hilarious and infuriating” and “sleaze incarnate.”

The Post thinks Andrew Cuomo should have power to police the legislature.

Andrea Peyser says Eliot Spitzer could, in fact, make a comeback.

Ashley Dupre is now giving relationship advice in the Post.

Hudson Valley Republican leaders are having second thoughts about Nan Hayworth for Congress.

Irene Liu looks at the “Watergate babies” in the state legislature and how 1975 was a lot like 2009.

The Times thinks courts should allow Empire State Development to use eminent domain to help Columbia expand into West Harlem.

Did Paterson shave as part of a political makeover?

The Bruno trial shows the political influence of labor.

Mark Scheer wonders if Rick Lazio will revive “the mainstream express.”

Andre Russo, a challenger to David Valesky, has voted twice in the last nine years.

Representative Mike Arcuri spent $16,811 on a trip to Israel and $6.50 a day on bottled water for his office.

Paul Maroun and Matt Doheny are mulling congressional runs against Bill Owens, again.

Demonstrators expressed displeasure with State Senator Tom Morahan’s “no” vote on same-sex marriage.

And below, an open mic moment during a Friday bill signing (courtesy of NBC-NY):

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