Morning Read, Upstate: Silver ‘Critical’ of Paterson, Everyone Waiting on Bruno

Sheldon Silver is “critical” of David Paterson for bashing legislators and a deal to bridge a mid-year budget deficit.

Gay activists have State Senate Democrats who voted against same-sex marriage in their sights.

Hiram Monserrate’s next battle: prove the special inquisition panel in the State Senate is constitutional.

“I don’t think you measure the success by how much money you spend,” said Jay Jacobs, chair of the Nassau County and State Democratic Committees, on news that Tom Suozzi left $2 million in the bank.

The Bruno jury is focusing on his dealings with his attorneys.

As they deliberate, there has been no determinative legislative action this year on restructuring ethics enforcement.

Bruno’s friends are entwined with his business interests.

Christine Quinn will today make a big push on food policy.

The Post pans David Paterson’s task force to look at police friendly fire shootings.

The News says an appellate court’s ruling against eminent domain use for Columbia’s expansion is “stunning.”

The Times Union wants more openness for the bidding on the Harriman Campus.

Charles Barron for Speaker, the official announcement rally.

Scott Stringer will endorse Kirsten Gillibrand today.

The state legislature passed a new pension tier.

Lynn Mueller says New York Republicans have reason to be optimistic.

Assemblywoman Diane Gordon won’t be eligible for parole, now, until September.

Republicans love the Fort Orange Club.

And below, Greg Ball talks about fallout from the deficit reduction session: Morning Read, Upstate: Silver ‘Critical’ of Paterson, Everyone Waiting on Bruno