Oddo Crushed That Giuliani Is Out

Jimmy Oddo, a Republican city councilman, is sad to see the Rudy Giuliani out of the 2010 races.

“I am disappointed obviously, but respect his decision. I know there are many would-be, lower-on-the-ballot Democratic candidates who privately are breathing a sigh of relief.  Maybe a couple of high-on-the-ballot candidates too.”

Giuliani wasn’t a particularly conservative Republican (at least when he was mayor), so I asked Oddo how, as a candidate, the former mayor would have fit into today’s G.O.P., which seems to be exorcising moderates from their ranks.

Oddo, though, did not want to talk ideology. “You ask what kind of Republican Rudy is? How about a Republican who is about results. He was an elected official with ideas and vision and the courage to act on it. I wish my party would focus more on countering what is happening in Washington and Albany with big ideas instead of rhetoric about our ideology. Substance would be change we could believe in.” Oddo Crushed That Giuliani Is Out