Oink, Oink, Nick Fargo

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In an attempt to minimize the shock value of Nicholas Fargo's four government jobs and two pensions when the Senate Judiciary Committee considered his nomination to the Hudson County Board of Taxation, Chairman Paul Sarlo told the panel that Fargo makes just $1,100-a-year as the Wood-Ridge Board of Education Treasurer. Sarlo's math was a little off: Fargo makes $2,308-a-year – more than double, albeit still a relatively small amount.

Fargo has two other high-paying jobs: He makes $60,415 as the Business Administrator at Hudson County Schools of Technology, and $68,873 as the Chief Financial Officer for the Borough of Wood-Ridge, where Sarlo is the Mayor. "Small positions, small towns," the Senator from Sanzari explained.

Sarlo made a point of noting at the hearing that Fargo is the Wood-Ridge CFO and not the Borough Administrator. But Fargo was the Borough Administrator until 2007, when Sarlo hired Christopher Eilert, his Senate Chief of Staff, as the Administrator. While working for Sarlo, Eilert had also worked for the county Board of Taxation.

As a tax board commissioner, Fargo makes $20,084.

Most impressive is that Fargo, who holds one of the Republican seats on the Hudson tax board, has accumulated $151,680 off four public jobs in two separate pension systems without making huge contributions to political campaigns. He has donated $1,000 to the Hudson County Democratic Organization, $500 to then-Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell (who has pleaded not guilty to federal corruption charges), $50 to 1993 Republican gubernatorial candidate Christine Todd Whitman, and $500 to Sarlo. Oink, Oink, Nick Fargo