Palatial Vu! Phone Honcho Buys Triple Trump Panorama for $5.2 M.

Kenneth A. Horowitz, a founder of Cellular One and Weather Risk Solutions, recently bought a condominium on the 46th floor of the Trump Palace at 200 East 69th Street for $5.2 million, according to city deeds. Corcoran broker Janet Wang said Mr. Horowitz, who also has a residence in Palm Beach, “liked the apartment very much, particularly the view.”

And what’s not to like about the view? At 634 feet high, the Trump Palace, which boasts a courtyard and a private health club, is the tallest building on the Upper East Side. Ms. Wang, who had the listing, told The Observer: “You are on the 46th floor, so it is almost like you are on an airplane. From every window you can see the beautiful New York City skyline. I think the view was a big factor in why he bought the apartment.”

With north, south and east exposures, the 25 floor-to-ceiling windows allow for a view of the skyline as well as views of Central Park on one side and the East River on the other. And if the views from the windows aren’t enough, there is also a balcony for spring and summer skyline watching.

Replete with three “sumptuous bathrooms,” the condominium is “downtown chic living in the heart of the Upper East Side.” Indeed, Ms. Wang confirms, “It has three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. Each bedroom is a suite with its own bathroom and then there is a lovely powder room.”

It is unclear whether Mr. Horowitz, who was unavailable for comment, will use the Trump Palace apartment as a primary residence or a pied-à-terre. In either case, the mogul is no stranger to fancy real estate. In 2006, he sold his Palm Beach mansion on North Lake Way for $7.35 million. The historic home is the third oldest house in Palm Beach, according to the Palm Beach Daily News, and was once home to actor Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

A 1999 New York Times article about Palm Beach’s changing of the guard described Kenneth Horowitz and wife Barbara as “typifying the new Palm Beach family” and included this quote from Ms. Horowitz: “We spend most of our time with the other parents, watching our kids play soccer. I guess you could say we’re homebodies.” The new Trump Palace perch isn’t a bad place to be one.

In the same article, Ms. Horowitz said of Palm Beach, “The town employees are exceptionally considerate, from the garbage collector to the policeman, who ride their bikes and know our kids by name.”

New York’s finest may have better things to do. Palatial Vu! Phone Honcho Buys Triple Trump Panorama for $5.2 M.