Paterson: Albany Would Have Made Giuliani Balder

ALBANY—Who really wants to be governor, anyway?

David Paterson (who, for the record, does want to be governor) said he was surprised when he heard Rudy Giuliani wasn’t going to run for anything, but not that Giuliani didn’t want to run for governor.

“I’ll tell you,” Paterson told Joan Hamburg on WOR. “I remember when there were a lot of rumors about Mayor Bloomberg running for governor, and he decided to run for a third term. And we were having dinner one night, and he says to me, ‘do you ever really think that I would come up there and try to straighten that Albany legislature out? Did you really think I would do that?’ And I said ‘I thought you might,’ and he said, ‘you must think I’m crazy!'”

“And I think that Mayor Giuliani, who was very effective in city governance, where the city government is a unicameral legislature and the mayor has far more power in New York City than the governor has in Albany,” Paterson continued. “Mayor Giuliani, if he had gotten elected governor, I predicted that he would have pulled all the rest of his hair out by March of that year, because there’s a different structure.”

“Now why he’s not interested in running for U.S. Senate, I was a little surprised. Because I thought he was looking for a base,” said Paterson. “When you’ve been in public office for a period of time and you get a few years out, It’s hard to get back in. You have to give up your family time–there’s so many things. You’re short-changed. You’re monitored profusely….obviously all of it would come back, and some of those hits are unfair, even to my adversaries.”

Paterson also responded to a shot taken at him by the new head of the Democratic State Senate Campaign Committee, who said he was worried Paterson would hurt the chances of keeping the chamber.

“Well the fact is he’ll never win without me, because I gave him $3 million two years ago, and when you say things like that, I doubt I’ll give him a dime now,” Paterson said before laughing on air. Paterson: Albany Would Have Made Giuliani Balder