Paterson: Charity’s Important, Especially Now

ALBANY—David Paterson talked charity this morning in an interview with John Gambling on WOR, who was raising money for the Salvation Army on-air. Paterson said he and his wife Michelle donated $1,000.

“We were going to put in $500, but you know, Mayor Bloomberg’s having a little cash flow problem so I told him I’d put the other $500 in,” Paterson joked.

Gambling made a point about the good work the Salvation Army does in not just giving people money but providing more comprehensive services, often, than government. David Paterson managed to segue close to his message of fiscal responsibility.

“That’s true, for instance, the Salvation Army has become quite proficient in domestic violence services, and I was reading the other day that the state of California because of all of its financial problems has discontinued all of its state support for domestic violence centers,” Paterson said. “And so in times like this when even the government is running out of money, people’s personal volunteerism and their ability to be cognizant and give to others becomes more important than ever.”

Gambling then joking asked if Paterson was asking for money. The governor said he was not.

Paterson: Charity’s Important, Especially Now