Paterson Makes Peace With Schroeder

ALBANY—David Paterson just apologized to Assemblyman Mark Schroeder for lumping him in with other legislators he attacked last week on a Buffalo radio station.

“I was complaining last week right here on WBEN on the Sunday morning show with Dave Debo about what I felt was the dishonesty of some of my legislative colleagues, and I cited one of my colleagues who did not make the statement that I alleged that he made,” Paterson told John Zach and Susan Rose on WBEN. “It’s my good friend Assemblyman Mark Schroeder, who was good enough to write me a letter because he actually has been a big supporter of the deficit reduction plan.”

“I would just like, if you don’t mind, to apologize to Mark. He brought me to Tonawanda for the first time in my career a few years ago and showed me the wind turbines when I became governor,” continued Paterson, who called in late for his scheduled interview. “He’s a very, very hard-working legislator and I was disappointed when I was given the information that he said that, and I’m happy to be wrong. Because he really has, many times, cited how difficult the economic situation is that we’re in.”

(Schroeder has, interestingly, been a vocal supporter of Andrew Cuomo and said he hopes he will run for governor.)

Paterson used the appearance to rebut those who have sued him for delaying aid payments to school districts, and specifically called out Oliver Robinson, superintendent of the Shenendehowa School District. (Disclosure: I’m an alum.)

“They actually had a person get up from the Shenendehowa school district which is in Saratoga County complaining about the devastation that these late payments is going to incur,” Paterson said. “This school district, Shenendehowa, has $3.8 million–$3.8 million in reserves, John–and the cut, the delayed payment that we are imposing on them amounts to $180,000, or five percent of the money that they have. I really don’t know what they’re complaining about.”

Finally, Rose pointed out to Paterson that he is among the finalists for the radio station’s person of the year contest.

“I don’t know who the other four are, but I’m happy to be cited among the consideration for that,” Paterson said. “Actually my popularity around the state has doubled.”

Paterson Makes Peace With Schroeder