Pseudo-Shame in T-Shirt Form

If you are loudly self-flagellating over Park Slope Food Co-op dereliction, and haven’t yet gotten to express yourself in The Times, perhaps you’d like a T-shirt instead.

“Suspended at the Co-op”: it’s a Hester-Prynne style shame for Brownstoners, writes Gothamist.

There is a market for this, probably, but if Definitive Ink is truly enterprising, they should consider branching out!

For example, Thanksgiving gave me a chance to chat over canned green beans with a friend’s Texan mom. Earlier, trying  to accompany her daughter shopping at the Co-op, she had been regarded with a level of suspicion typically reserved for ne’er-do-well teens, not 50-something mothers of three.

Here’s a T-shirt that might have broad appeal: “Alienated at the Co-op.”

Pseudo-Shame in T-Shirt Form